Cere Network
How to create an account by using Cere Explorer
This section describes how you can create a new account using Block Viewer.
  • Go to Accounts -> Accounts
  • Click “Add Account” on the top right
  • Fill in the form:
    • Copy mnemonic
    • Save it to somewhere to be able to restore your account later
    • Select checkbox “I have saved my mnenomic see safely”
    • Click “Next”:
  • Fill in the next step:
    • Enter any name
    • Enter password
    • Repeat password
    • Click “Next”:
  • Click “Save”:
  • After the account is created it is important to store the JSON file which the browser just downloaded. Using this file you will be able to restore your account in the future.
Now you should be able to see your account in the accounts section.
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