Cere Network
Update a Validator Node
This manual is supposed to be used for upgrading your Validator Node or machine and keeping your Validator online. The process will take several hours, so make sure you understand the instructions first and plan accordingly.

Key components

Validator A - current validator
Validator B - new validator
Machine A - a machine where Validator A is hosting
Machine B - a machine where Validator B is hosting


1. Launch Validator B on Machine B by following the instructions (1-6) and wait until it is synced.
2. Connect with the Cere Explorer to Validator B.
3. Select Tab Developer -> RPC calls.
4. Select author -> rotateKeys.
5. Press Submit RPC call.
6. Double click on it to save the rotation key to the clipboard.
7. Select Tab Network -> Staking -> Account actions.
8. Select Validators.
9. Select Validator with Controller/Stash accounts as in Validator A, press 3 dots -> Change session keys.
10. Insert previously generated rotation key.
11. Press Set session key.
12. !Important Wait until the message Pre-sealed block for proposal at appears in Validator B and disappears in Validator A logs. You can do it by running the following command in the Validator Nodes root directory: docker-compose logs -f --tail=1000 | grep "Pre-sealed block for proposal at"
13. Now you can safely stop Validator A using command: docker-compose stop add_validator_node_custom in order to update either the Validator A itself or Machine A.
14. Repeat steps 1-12 for Validator A on Machine A.
15. Now you can stop Validator B.
16. You’re done, the Validator A has been updated successfully.
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