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How to configure DDC Inspectors
This section is supposed to be used to describe the process on how to configure reporter (OCW)



By default reporter functionality already included in the Validator Node. This section described how to enable and configure the reporter.

1. Prepare reporter account

Create a new account using subkey util using the command: subkey generate --scheme sr25519:
~$ subkey generate --scheme sr25519
Secret phrase `ivory alpha language juice pyramid enforce kitchen cake galaxy ankle error aspect` is account:
Secret seed: 0xfdd8ddf960c0ebf8b6970728780cd8210b0494b50ceb8823025efff519e1f6dd
Public key (hex): 0xae4ef92049ef164f44b08da3f14e120a79cf6425ca5d8cdca655a4c7d6cf0978
Account ID: 0xae4ef92049ef164f44b08da3f14e120a79cf6425ca5d8cdca655a4c7d6cf0978
SS58 Address: 5G1Feba7v4dPBU4rVZxmooKQiHoY9JYibz8JNPMmgFzyPsGK
Send some amount of native tokens to this account (in our case - 5G1Feba7v4dPBU4rVZxmooKQiHoY9JYibz8JNPMmgFzyPsGK) to be able to pay for transactions.

2. Add a reporter to the Smart Contract

  • Open Block Viewer
  • Open Developer -> Contracts
  • Select DDC SC -> addInspector
  • Insert Public key (hex) to the inspector field
  • Press Execute

3. Configure interval

  • Update the ddc-metrics-offchain-worker::block_interval in Developer -> RPC -> offchain - localStorageSet. The block number value should be in the Fixed Width Little Endian format. Examples: 5 - 0x05000000, 600 - 0x58020000, 10 - 0x0A000000.

4. Configure the Smart Contract address

  • Open Block Viewer which points to your Validator Node.
  • Go to Developer -> RPC calls
  • Select offchain -> localStorageSet and specify the Smart Contract address mentioned in prerequisites section:
    • key: ddc-metrics-offchain-worker::sc_address
    • value: 5F7hDxFwMobL3mofGVUL4QwwZTmygwPE7T1ikPy5YT8Nizf8
  • Click Submit RPC call
You are done with the Smart Contract address configuration!

5. Configure your reporter account

  • Use the same section (Developer -> RPC calls)
  • Select author -> insertKey
  • Specify params:
    • keyType: ddc1
    • suri: <Secret phrase from the first step> (in our case - ivory alpha language juice pyramid enforce kitchen cake galaxy ankle error aspect)
    • publicKey: <Public key from the first step> (in our case - 0xae4ef92049ef164f44b08da3f14e120a79cf6425ca5d8cdca655a4c7d6cf0978)
  • Click Submit RPC call
You are done with the reporter configuration!
Congrats, you have just configured OCW for your Validator Node! Your reporter will be triggered after the next block generated!
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