Getting started

Welcome to Cere Network developer documentation!

Cere Network is the Decentralized Data & Finance Cloud platform optimized for service data integration and data collaboration built on Polkadot. Cere is the first data platform that allows stakeholders to own their data with 100% control over who can use it and for what purpose in any particular context.

Cere is the missing link that businesses need to adopt blockchain, providing fully integrated solutions, packaged similarly to the SaaS platforms that they are already using, and deployed to bring immediate efficiency improvements and cost savings to core business units. Cere makes data directly accessible in near real-time by all business units, partners/vendors, and machine-learning processes. This in turn enables secure and private data collaborations through Cere’s Open Data Marketplace (ODM) which is free from traditional vendor lock-ins.

To increase enterprise adoption of blockchain technology, Cere Network is providing a turn-key Private/Permissioned/Standalone blockchain network which can be readily integrated by any enterprise. Since it’s built with Substrate, this network can be integrated into any Polkadot/Substrate based Layer 1 network to serve as a secondary chain.